The Best Place for Cat Scratching Post

Little did people know that there is a bit of a science when it comes to deciding where in the house is the best area to place a cat’s scratching post. Putting these posts in the right area can greatly impact whether cats choose to scratch these things or other items inside the house. This article will show you some tips and tricks to figure out the best area of the house to put these things that cats will use.

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Choose an excellent post

Before cat parents decide where they will place these things, they must first need to determine how many and which ones to purchase. If they get a post that is covered in materials that their furry pets do not like to scratch or an unsafe one, there is a good chance that it will be ignored even if they put them in the right areas of the house.

Your furry pets love sisal fabric and corrugated cardboard for scratching. They like to have varying heights and angles to scratch at. They love stable and tall posts to scratch. As far as the number of posts to get, it will depend both on how many pets, people have and how large their house is.

Scratching is a way that these pets let off steam, as well as mark their territory, so if owners have more than one furry pet, they will need to make sure they have a lot of poles, so some of their felines are not left without any way to use one.

Not only that, these furry loves will no longer need to go somewhere if they feel the urge to scratch. Pet owners can  put at least one on every floor, and they can add more if they find their furry friends are scratching inappropriately in various parts of the house.

Where should homeowners put these things?

Felines like to scratch in areas that have high foot traffic. If homeowners tuck these things away in dark areas of the house, their kitty might choose more well-placed items of the house to scratch instead. The reason for this behavior is because cats like scratching things to mark their territories.

They want their scratches to be the center and be displayed for humans and other cats to smell and see. A feline’s paws have multiple scent glands in them, which is one reason why this habit of theirs is very important. It leaves olfactory and visual information to other felines.

In addition to high foot traffic places of the house, these animals love to scratch when they wake up in the morning, so putting angled scratches or poles near their flavored sleeping areas is an excellent idea. Felines love looking outside from the windows and watching chipmunks, squirrels, and birds scamper around.

If homeowners place a cat pole with a bed on top next to a big window, they will absolutely love it. These animals love to hang out with their owners. Owners need to put poles with beds in places that are close to where they hang out a lot. Visit sites like to understand why strategic locations are an important factor to consider when you decide to put scratching posts for your furry pet.

For instance, a pole near the television or the kitchen counter can be a good way for these animals to see what the homeowner is doing and be nearby while they watch the daily news or prep their meals without climbing the sofa or the counter. If people sit in their favorite chair after dinner, a perch nearby is an excellent idea so cats can hang out with them, which will be appreciated by their pets.

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Use different scratching pillars

Use different types of pillars, so felines have an excellent environment. Tall perches, angles, and posts can all be used in different house areas to keep these animals happy. Not only that, homeowners can throw inserts in the closer or under the bed for the animals to discover and have nearby, flat areas to scratch.

How to choose a suitable pillar?

Choosing the right pillar for the feline can be an expensive and frustrating task. People may end up purchasing a couple of poles that the cat will usually ignore and will not design to scratch, but instead, they march on up to their favorite spot to scratch – the couch or furniture. People may decide that the animal just does not like pillars, but that is rarely the case.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is that they choose pillars that appeal to them instead of thinking about what will make their pets happy. Some knowledge goes a very long way in finding the perfect perch for the cat. The trick here is to provide options that their pets will love to claw more than the furniture or the couch – but that will need them to choose a perch from the animal’s point of view.

Here are some characteristics these felines are looking for in an excellent scraping pole.

Sturdiness and height

Good material for shredding and scratching

Horizontal and vertical surfaces

Different surfaces and materials

These animals want tall pillars

These things should be tall enough to allow them to extend while doing their business fully. It means that they can stretch their bodies out fully and pull their shoulder and back muscles, which is very important for their flexibility and health. These animals are pretty flexible and masters of yoga. If they have to crouch down to do their business, they will not get the full benefit of stretching and exercising their back and shoulder muscles, and it may even be pretty uncomfortable for them.

They need strong poles

The sturdiness of these things is very important for a couple of reasons:

If it wobbles, the pet will not use it. It is one of the reasons why they love to do this routine in chairs and couches because these things are pretty stable. Out in the wild, strong and sturdy trees are preferred surfaces, so people can understand why these pets would be looking for unmovable objects. If it wobbles, it might not be safe for them, and they know it. Unstable pillars may flip over and fall on the felines. People can be assured that if their pets topple over a fragile post, it will be avoided in the future.