Custom Dog Beds: Everything Pet Lovers Need to Know

Beds for dogs can be fancy or simple, homemade or pretty expensive, and everything in between. How do pet lovers choose the right bed for their pets when there are a lot of options in the market to choose from? Does the dog even need their own bed? Should pet owners spend tons of their hard-earned money when their dog is as happy lying to them on the couch or in their human bed? These are some questions people need to consider before purchasing a dog bed. This guide is here to help pet lovers make a good decision.

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Do dogs need their own beds?

Even if the canine is allowed to sleep with its owner in the human bed, every canine needs to have a bed of its own – at least two, actually. There are tons of advantages for canines to having their own beds. It can be used for sleeping in during the nighttime and napping during the day.

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Unlike the cold floor, beds will keep your furry friend warm during cold nights, support arthritic joints, as well as preventing the formation of calluses. And unlike human beds or couch, these things are spaces that puppies can have all to themselves.

And if owners are allergic to their pet, then the dog should have their own bed. These things can also be taken by owners when they travel so that their pets feel relaxed and comfortable, as well as sleep somewhere very familiar to them. They will feel less anxiety and rest a lot easier.

These things are also usually pretty easy to wash. It makes life a lot easier for owners if their furry friends have accidents, get infested with mites or fleas, or rolls in something with a strong or unpleasant smell. These things should not be used as a place for the confinement or punishment. It is a place of security that belong to them, and they always need to feel safe using it.

Beds make crates more comfortable, but that does not mean pets can spend more time in crates just because it has beds. It is a place pets need to be able to go and feel safe or relax without feeling anxious or trapped. All canines could benefit from having an area where they can de-stress or feel calm during night or day.

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What types of dog beds are available in the market today?

These things can be as simple as an old pillow or as fancy as wrought-iron frames with lacy canopies. Owner’s selection will depend on their taste, decor, and budget, but they may find that their furry friend expresses a preference by taking another canine’s kip. Owners need to keep a close eye on where the canine feels most comfortable, as it can help them decide which kip will be best for them.

How To Make Your Own Dog Bed

Basic styles are cheap and fit perfectly in crates

Snuggles and nestings are similar to beanbags and are usually preferred by smaller canines who love to stay silent and curl up.

Nest and cuddler come in the conventional oval bowl shape. Have a living side with built-in pillows and is usually preferred by bigger canines.

Circular bolsters with removable center pillows.

Homemade kips can be a lot cheaper and easy to customize. There are a lot of tutorials available on the Internet on how to make a dog kip. Just make sure that you are using safe and effective materials that will hold up, especially if the canine likes to chew.

What is the best kip for your pet?

There are a lot of canine sustainable personalized pet beds and accessories available on the market. The big question is, how to choose the best one? There are tons of factors to consider, as their medical needs, comfort, convenience, cost, and size.

Owners need to do their due diligence and consult their vets about their pet’s needs before making a significant decision. Listed are some factors people need to consider when picking the best kip for their pets.

A perfect fit – Beyond finding a kip within the budget, owners need to make sure their pet fits on the billet; limbs and heads should not have to be hanging off the kip’s edge.

Easy to wash – Pups eat treats, pass gas, vomit, wipe ointment-filled ears and eyes, and scratch fleas on their billets. Some canines urinate on them – that is why its ability to throw billet into the washing machine is a huge help, if not crucial. Canines with severe allergies will also benefit from having freshly washed billets frequently.