Choosing the Right Mix of Pets: Can Cats and Dogs Coexist in the Same Home?

Cats and dogs are two animals with different traits. Their features are varied to the extent it is nearly impossible to make them blend. However, homes after homes, persons after persons, have shown that cats can live with dogs without any faceoff – although, this peaceful coexistence follows some procedures and does consider certain breeds of either pet.

Adult cats and adult dogs, for example, may become close friends easily since they are well socialized and experienced. Some dogs like the Golden Retriever, Beagle, Pub, Poogle, etc., are renowned for getting along easily with cats. The same thing can be said of cats. The Abyssinian cat, for instance, is social, loving, and affectionate, and these traits make it coexist with dogs and other animals without any problem.

But usually, it is the human factor that allows for coexistence. You need to understand first that both cats and dogs come with exigent needs. And if you check on pet stores reviews, you get to know what cats need and what dogs need. If your cat scratches a lot, you provide it with a scratching post, and if your dog sleeps a lot, you get it a cozy bed. You can even decide to buy bravecto for both of your pets from Canada Pet Care. Truth is, catering for their needs help to improve the tolerance of each other.

Here are some of the reasons your cats and dogs are not coexisting in the same home.

Not familiar with their personalities

In addition to breed, you have to know what type of pets you own in terms of behaviors. While some pets can be aggressive and territorial, others can be calm and accommodating. Knowing how your pets behave can help you find the right tolerance method to use for them. Not knowing means your cats and dogs may never coexist.

Not enough training

At the core of domestication is training. Once you can identify the aggressive pet, the next step is to train its impulses to tolerate the other. Dogs can be as bad as cats, and both follow unique training routines. There are scientific training, electronic training, as well as relationship-based training that you can play with both your cat and dog to improve their impulses and tolerance levels.

Territorial recognition

As much as you want them to coexist, sometimes separation is the best form of coexistence. Let your dog be familiar with its territory and your cat with its territory. This allows both of your pets to easily navigate their territories without any infringement. They feed, move and adjust without the other encroaching. This way, both pets stay happy and their tolerance levels are improved.

Raise them together (if you can)

Raising your pets as a kitten and a young pup improves their coexistence. That way, they grow with each other and into each other. They grow to embrace their strengths and weaknesses. Being raised together allows them to mutualize their peculiar tendencies.

Final thought

Acceptance, as it is to humans, also is to animals has its genesis from rejection. Your cat-and-dog peaceful coexistence may begin with rejection, but that does not mean they can never accept to tolerate each other. A lot of work is in your hand as the pet owner. You need to know what both pets desire— similarly and differently— and how to go about fulfilling them.