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What is Seborrhea in Dogs and How to Treat it?

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Seborrhea is a type of skin condition that can affect humans and animals. In dogs, Seborrhea results in an oily looking and flaky coat. In medical terms, Seborrhea can be characterized by excess production of sebum. Disruption in the natural process of keratinization can also cause this condition in dogs. Dogs with Seborrhea may experience scaly or flaky skin and dandruff. If your dog is itching in excess lately, you must consult Virginia Beach Veterinary hospital.

In this blog, we will discuss Seborrhea in detail and look into some methods to treating the condition.

Understanding the signs and symptoms of Seborrhea is essential for its treatment. In most dogs, Seborrhea results in flaking of the skin, hair loss, and oily coat. Foul odor from the fur or skin folds is another common sign of this skin condition. If you see pigmentation and redness in the skin or ear infection, you should get your dog properly evaluated by a vet.

What are the causes of Seborrhea in dogs?

Seborrhea is categorized as primary and secondary. In dogs, most cases of Seborrhea is secondary.

Primary Seborrhea is a hereditary condition that mostly affects certain dog breeds. The dog from breeds like Dachshund, American cocker spaniel, basset hound, Labrador retriever, German shepherd, English springer spaniel, and West Highland white terrier is susceptible to primary Seborrhea.

Primary Seborrhea may appear in dogs in the early years and progress as they age. On the other hand, secondary Seborrhea can arise due to skin problems. … Read More

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Command Checklist (Ls)

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Misplaced And Roaming Pets

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