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How to prevent an epidemic of animal diseases?

24/09/2019 Author 0

Animal diseases do not just pose health threats to other animals, but it could also be a risk to public health that can cause damage to the community, businesses, and even the economy in general.

Other than government and the animal industry taking the necessary precautionary steps to prevent the spread of animal diseases, every veterinary clinic Virginia Beach is also tasked to document and report any unusual case or incident that can potentially cause these problems and immediately report to the proper authorities for immediate action.

What are the preventive measures?

Farmers and animal producers start by maintaining proper health and sanitation practices to keep animal shelters and holding pens clean and hygienic, as well as ensuring the vaccination of livestock. 

The same goes for household pets in terms of vaccination, which can be provided by any Virginia veterinary clinic

It is critical to ensure that adequate hygiene is always observed and to always be on alert for any sign of disease and to report of any incident of suspected disease infection. It equally applies to household pets, especially if it comes in contact with other pets in the community and the need to avoid risking the spread of the disease. 

For pets, it is always vital to ensure that once symptoms of any sickness are present, going to the nearest veterinary clinic Virginia Beach is necessary to immediately diagnose the condition and that proper medical attention is provided before it gets any worse.

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Tips for Taming Fierce Dogs

17/09/2018 Author 0

If it’s the first time you have a dog, making your dog a tame dog is actually not an easy matter. Need an introduction and training process so that your dog knows your figure and wants to play with you. Especially if the dog you are keeping is a wild dog species or difficult to tame. Here are some tips to tame fierce dogs.

1. Put the dog in the cage
For the initial stage of taming a dog, when your dog is not so friendly to the owner, you should put the dog in his cage or you can leave it tied to the shade of your shady house. Select an area that is quiet from the reach and pass by people, this is done to prevent fierce dogs from doing something about others. Let the dog bark at will for the first few days.

2. Allowing Hungry Dogs
Leaving a starving dog is actually not a good thing but to tame a fierce dog is needed that way. As long as your dog is tied or strapped, make sure that you don’t feed him for at least 2-3 days. This is done so that the dog becomes weak and the level of emotion decreases. Letting the dog get hungry for a while is one of the tips to tame the dog that is most often carried out by its owners.

3. The Process of Establishing Fasting
Taming fierce dogs by fasting is indeed considered the most effective way
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