8 Ways to Preserve Flora and Fauna

In this world is rich in biodiversity that beautify the world and complement the lives of humans in this world. Flora and fauna are one of the two biodiversity in the world. Flora is another word for plants and fauna used to refer to the word animal. The distribution of flora and fauna itself will depend on the factors that influence it, so that each region that has different characteristics will have a wealth of different flora and fauna. In  itself, it has a wealth of native n flora and fauna which is very abundant and is the largest in the world. This is due to the geographic location of  which is on the equator where the climate is tropical with sunshine that is always there throughout the year.


There are various ways to preserve flora and fauna. Here is the explanation:

1. Build a shelter

There are several types of flora and fauna that are already vulnerable to extinction, therefore it is necessary to build a special place to protect them from greedy humans who sometimes become the impact of forest destruction which causes flora and fauna to become extinct. Development of nature reserves to protect plants and wildlife reserves to protect plants. Such as the Ujung Kulon Wildlife Reserve Center, which is a special place to protect a herd of one-horned rhinos which are already very few in number.

2. Build a rehabilitation place

The construction of this rehabilitation site is necessary to maintain the life of flora and fauna. Such as rehabilitation centers that have environmental functions for flora and fauna such as orangutans in the putting cape of Borneo, samboja heritage forests, Kalimantan kutai and rehabilitation centers for deer and anoa pigs in Sulawesi. This place can be visited by the wider community who want to contribute to developing flora and fauna.

3. Implementing a sustainable development program

The more modern times where there have been various programs for building projects for skyscrapers and other permanent buildings, which often do not pay attention to environmental aspects and public spaces for life. It is not only flora and fauna that are threatened, but natural disasters also threaten if the balance of nature changes. So the current government really needs to make a law to regulate sustainable development that pays attention to environmental aspects and is environmentally friendly. For example, for building construction there must be at least green land in the area. The government must also provide penalties for those who violate the regulations with firm action without discrimination.

4. Determine the status of flora and fauna

It is necessary to determine the status of flora and fauna, especially those that are threatened with extinction so that hunting does not occur. Such as the protected status given to Komodo dragons, monitor lizards, hedgehog ants in Papua, tree kangaroos, anoa, deer, bulls, rhinos, kuwuk branches, flying squirrels, pangolins, cassowaries, peacocks, paradise, Sumatran tigers, Javanese eagles, ground squirrels, panther, gibbon, porpoise, shark, stingray, turtle or bulus, elephant, tapir, wild rabbit, jungle goat, partridge, sing puar, gibbon, sarudung, proboscis monkey, orangutan, sun bear, parrot , Porcupine. The government must also make strict laws by taking action if someone tries to smuggle or hunt flora and fauna that have been given protected status.

5. Doing forest conservation efforts

This really needs to be done, such as by taking firm action against timber thieves or illegal logging, improving forest conditions, reforestation and selective logging so that the forest is preserved and the creatures in it are also protected from soil erosion which causes flora and fauna to begin. extinct too.

6. Conducting efforts to conserve aquatic life

Aquatic biota both in fresh and salt waters must also be protected by not bombing to catch fish, preventing habitat destruction such as destroying corals as habitat for fish, and having to protect young fish from being caught because these fry will later become fish. big. And we should know how to preserve water so as not to damage living things in the water.

7. Doing cultivation

If it can be done, cultivation can also be one of the ways to conserve protected flora and fauna. For example, turtle cultivation, turtles are one of the animals that have been included in the rare category so that with this cultivation, turtles are bred well and after the turtles are able to be independent then the turtles are released into their natural habitat. This has been done by both the government and the private sector.

8. Conducting counseling and education

This business can be done at school or in the family since childhood. Providing understanding that flora and fauna are very important for life will make children aware and do not damage the environment which will change the structure of the atmosphere if they carry out activities that can damage the environment.