What Is Your Favourite Extinct, Ancient Animal?

ancient animalsTwo new sea creatures who lived 580 to 540 million years ago have officially been designated names from a pair of very distinguished public figures. These historic extant species, or living fossils, are all approach older than human beings. It lives in the depths of the ocean, although lately a few specimens had been found along the coasts of Australia and Japan. Coelacanth is an historical fish that comes from a branch of the eldest surviving evolution of jawed fish Beforehand, the fish was believed to have gone extinct for the reason that finish of the Cretaceous period sixty five million years in the past.

To put that in perspective, the heaviest fowl alive immediately (the Andean condor) only weighs about 33 kilos. The length of the physique including the tail can attain 12 meters because it had been present in Sangatta, East Kalimantan. Leatherbacks can be discovered from the tropics to the sub-polar ocean region and usually nesting on seashores in tropical areas.

There is ample evidence from the stays of Pompeii that canine have been used to guard houses : the stays of a canine chained to a door, an historical villa’s ground mosaic with the words ‘Cave Canem’ (‘watch out for the canine’) inscribed above it. Stanley Park Ecology Society’s Celina Starnes waded into the lagoon, where she plucked one of many animals from its hiding place.

Haha, I found watched this video of some ancient animals which can be still alive right now which i believed was interesting and wanted to share! It deals with animals as leisure, sacrifice and pets; seems at the function of untamed animals, working animals and domesticated pets; examines the place of animals within the meals and clothing chains.

Ancient Roman animals appearing in the historical Roman Colosseum is a well-known part of the culture of the time. Animals provided a metaphor for heresy, through which Christians could render the threat of sin and heresy vivid and omnipresent. The armored, 1-ton creature seemingly traveled to North America from South America through the Isthmus of Panama , a land bridge that connects the two Americas, MacPhee advised Dwell Science.