Tips for Choosing a Pet Dog

Dogs are humans’ best and most loyal friends. That’s what is often said of animals that are often part of special family members. Dogs can fill someone’s void easily. So there is a joke that dogs (or as the scientific name Canis familiaris) are more loyal than husbands or wives because of the emotional connection that the dog has with its owner.


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The Profits and the Loss of Keeping a Dog

Why do so many people want to raise dogs? There are several benefits that can be obtained by keeping a dog in the house, including:

• The emotional connection between dogs and humans

The relationship between dogs and humans is reciprocal. If you give your dog the attention it deserves, such as grooming and petting it, it will feel calmer and closer to its owner. For humans, the presence of a dog will give a feeling of pleasure and comfort because they feel someone needs humans. That’s why dogs can be man’s best friends

• Protection for humans.

Dogs can provide security to their owners. The dog’s habit of barking at anyone who is strangers can be a natural security device for your home. Even dog owners feel safe around their dogs as dogs will attack anyone who appears to be threatening their employer. In addition, the dog’s instinct to know about natural disasters well in advance is also an advantage if you live in an area where disasters often occur.

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• Help

Dogs will love to be helpers to their masters. For example a dog who guides the blind. Or a dog who is a firefighter. In addition, dogs can also be part of a special natural disaster relief team. Dogs can also help police officers find specific items. A lot of help can be given by a dog for his owner even in difficult situations.
While there are many advantages to having a dog, there are also disadvantages to having a dog. What are the costs of having a dog in your home? Here are some of the disadvantages of having a dog:

• Increased responsibility

Raising a dog means increasing your responsibilities, such as feeding, drinking, washing and providing shelter for him. Then you also have to set aside your time to walk or exercise with your beloved dog. And there are many daily necessities that dog owners must do.

• Hygiene and health problems

Having a dog, you must be prepared to clean your house and dog of dog fleas, dog hair, dirt, and also have to clean the house more often. In addition, several diseases in dogs can also be a problem, such as rabies.

• Cost

To raise a dog also requires additional costs. Especially if you have to provide special dog food, fur care, and fees to the vet. Dogs are between 12 and 15 years old on average, so you’ll need to pay for that time if you want to get a dog.

• Creating problems and cases

If the dog owner doesn’t pay much attention to his dog, then the dog may attack other people, causing problems and even lawsuits.
Tips for Choosing a Dog
If you decide to get a dog in your house, then here are some tips to consider when choosing a dog.

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• Race or Mixed?

When choosing a dog, there are many choices available in terms of breed, nature, body size, coat color and more. However, you should also decide on a breed or mixed breed dog. What are the advantages of a pure breed dog with a mixed dog?

Breed Dogs

Purebred dogs have a better physical appearance than mixed ones, both in coat and color. Its traits and character are also more pronounced than that of mixed dogs. However, purebred dogs tend to inherit genetic weaknesses from their parents, so they often experience health problems that their parents inherit, such as skin disorders, cataracts and even cancer.

Mixed Dog

Mixed dogs are stronger against genetics. However, mixed dogs have less physical appearance than purebred dogs. Also, mixed dog traits and behavior are more difficult to predict.