Tips Bathing Your Own Dog at Home, Cheap, No Need to Go to the Salon!

A dirty dog’s body must be uncomfortable, right? Here’s reviews a method of bathing a dog, cheap and without the need to go to a salon that you can do yourself. Are you guys or planning on getting a dog? As is known, dogs are active animals so they are prone to getting dirty, for example when they roll around in the yard.

Just like other pets, dogs need a bath to keep clean and hygienic. This is also tried to avoid skin health problems, such as fungi and germs. But not always bathing a dog is a fun thing, you know. Sometimes dogs can also rebel if you handle them incorrectly.
Therefore, this time we will discuss how to bathe a dog at home that you can do yourself, which has been summarized through the following various sources.

Selection of the Appropriate Position

Choosing the right position for bathing puppies needs to be paid attention to so that they don’t easily run away if they might rebel when you handle them. For small types of dogs, you can bathe them in a sink, bathtub or plastic tub that you can try at home.
Meanwhile, for large dogs, it will be sufficient if you have a large enough garden. But first you must prepare all the equipment first. This process also requires at least 2 or more people, where you can divide the task of holding the dog, giving it shampoo, to washing and drying it later.
In general, dogs tend to be calmer when bathed than cats, this is because dogs are not too worried about water.

Rub the Dog’s Fur Before Bathing

Tangled dog fur will be prone to retaining water, so it will irritate the skin if not cleaned properly. You also do this while checking whether the dog has health problems on their skin, for example dog lice or fungus.
Before starting to bathe your dog, don’t forget to plug their ears with cotton to prevent water from entering. The reason is that moist ears can cause inflammation and irritation.

Use Warm Water

Human skin more easily adjusts to changes in temperature. In contrast to dogs, where very hot or cold water can be risky for their health. To bathe your dog, you should use warm water that is no warmer than that which is commonly used when bathing toddlers.
If you use a water heater, make sure it first by dripping water on your hands. Meanwhile, if you can boil it, wait for the hot water to warm up, OK?

Speak in a calm and reassuring voice

Giving a personal touch is one method of bathing a dog that is quite efficient. Where can you live this matter by inviting him to dialogue in a calm voice. Try to convince PetPi’s pet dogs that bathing is not something that hurts and tortures them.
Share gentle cuddles that you can live with while distributing dog shampoo and sterilizing all parts of the body.

Use Dog Shampoo

Dog shampoo serves to eliminate bad odors from the body. Rub the shampoo into your hands until it lathers and rub it all over the dog’s body. On the dirty parts, give a gentle massage that feels good enough to be able to remove the dirt that sticks. Avoid rubbing shampoo on sensitive areas, such as eyes, nose and mouth.
Do not use old shampoo, because it can make the skin dry and easily irritated. As an alternative, you can bathe your dog with toddler shampoo which has a milder formulation.

Rinse and Dry the Dog

Rinse with the warm water that you have prepared until all the remaining shampoo is gone. The reason is, a little leftover shampoo can trigger skin irritation, you know. As for how to dry a dog, you can first use a soft cloth towel to remove all the remaining water attached to the fur.
Your friend can also use the power of a hair dryer to speed up the process of drying dog hair. Use a very low heat level that is not harmful to the dog’s skin.

Distribute Prizes

The last method of bathing a pet dog is not to forget to give gifts and praise that makes it feel happy and not to worry about doing the same thing in the future.
But it’s not uncommon for dogs to become frustrated, after a bath they will pull the towel or just run away.

If you have puppies, you should bathe them as soon as possible to adjust this so that they look pleasing to their eyes in the future. Which after that becomes a problem for many groups, at what age can puppies be bathed? Puppies should not bathe before they are 4 weeks old. This is because they have not been able to control body temperature when they have to be in direct contact with water. Some groups recommend bathing dogs after they are more than 12 weeks old. Thus the discussion on how to bathe a dog that you can do yourself at home, cheap and easy, of course.