Fun Outdoor Activities You Can Do For Your Bulldog As His Exercise

Adopting a dog means that you are willing to give your precious time, love, care, and support to this animal because he also has a life just like yours to spend with a rightful owner. That’s why we consider our pets like a family or our best friend and we won’t allow other people to hurt them since we owners must protect them by all means. French Bulldogs are our little buddies and because of their size, they can be easily taken away from us but we won’t let that happen so we try our best to bond with them.

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You can’t just let your dog alone because that will make him sad so you should learn to get the best french bulldog toys to keep them busy, too. But do not forget that you should also develop and keep a good relationship with your buddy while he is under your care so you can take him out for some activities. This will let you bond together and will also give your pet a chance to learn what life is outdoors since he can’t be hiding in his nest for the rest of his life.

Animal lovers usually love to brag about their pets anyway, especially when they have good and quite expensive breeds but that’s not the only reason why they bring them outdoors. Just like everybody else, French Bulldogs need some training and exercises, too, so there are so many things that his owner can do with him when they are outside. You just need to be passionate about adopting a dog no matter what the breed is and make sure to show him that you are the best owner in the world.


French bulldogs are friendly animals and they would be friendlier when used to different people that’s why it would be great if you can bring them out to trails. Such settings will even allow them to sniff on interesting and different stuff so you better pay attention to the things that catch their attention.

As parents, friends, and owners of this breed, it would be great to be curious about their interests to initiate the bond that you are starting to develop – look at to continue reading about your bonding. Trail settings would be an ideal way to boost the connection with nature and humans as well. Therefore, making this day out leaves them a good impression to brighten up their mood.

Hide-and-Seek Game

It is natural for pets to play and one game you can work with them is hide-and-seek. Let’s try to think like kids, too, when raising French Bulldogs and hide somewhere in the garden, backyard, or garage. Pretty sure that your pet will come to find you using their great senses and this is not just a form of training but to have fun bonding as well.

Doing this for the first time may be quite tough so make sure to use words that they are fond of before hiding and when you are ready to let them seek you. Of course, treats must be given as a reward to your buddy for seeking and finding you. It would be great to play this often as an exercise when you have a small space because they have to exert less effort and more time to repeat the game.


Try looking for bulldog-friendly spots like parks where you can have a picnic together with other pet owners. This is another way to introduce your buddy to a new environment, dogs, and people. Make sure to bring their treats and toys because they will surely need these since you will both kill some time.

In this setting, you can cuddle your buddy when you think he is eyeing something so watch out – find out more about his traits and behavior. Though it would be great to allow them to lead you the way when they want to move around. Anyway, let your buddy socialize with other dogs and people who like to touch or hold them as they please.

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I guess you will have to buy toys that can be used when playing flyball which some owners think their French Bulldogs cannot handle because of the breathing issues. However, this is a good exercise and you don’t need to let them work too much if you can control how high they should fly and how vigorous you want this activity to be. This is still considered as a good training that can be effective in building and developing relationships so make things mild in a way that your pet can afford.

Your dog can run, too, and you’ll see that when they get excited. Keep in mind that they may have short legs and all you can see is the skinfold but they also have muscles for playing games like flyball. Do not forget that they easily get tired so always find time to have a short break, give treats, and do not overwork so be more patient in teaching them.

Tug Of War

Another great game to show how dominant your pet is would be a tug of war where you need to buy rope toys or even a braided cloth with a knot on both ends. French bulldogs may be small but they would love to show their owners that they are strong, too. That’s why it would be nice to play tug of war with them and even if you are stronger, let him win often because they are happy to brag about such strength.

You need to grab the other knot, while your pet is on the other end with his mouth, using the strength of his jaw and you’ll see how they are. Don’t be too hard on him and just enjoy playing to make him happy. Of course, you can still reward him treats or cuddle him every time he wins.

Playing Water

Let him play with water, especially when it’s hot. If you don’t have a pool, then basin will do because they don’t usually like swimming.

Splashing with water is fine and he will have lots of fun since you are giving him something to cool his body. This isn’t just playing but a relaxing activity as well because it brings your French Bulldog to a good mood.