5 Very Effective Methods to Get Rid of Dog Fleas

How to get rid of dog fleas – Hey guys, do you understand that fleas are tiny parasites that are annoying and ridiculous. Generally, fleas are found in hairy or hairy places such as dogs and cats. Not only that, it can also grow rapidly when the summer comes. Because the temperature changes to warm.

Well, for anyone, of course, they will be very angry if their dog is infested with fleas. How about not? Dog fleas are the most common nuisance. They can be bad for the dog itself. Starting from the bumps when bitten by the tick, dog hair loss or scabs when scratched and can also cause stress. Therefore, let’s hobbies. com would like to share a guide with all of you regarding how to treat dog fleas very effectively.

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Very Effective Method of Getting Rid of Dog Fleas

The procedure for getting rid of dog fleas can be by using drugs or naturally (natural healing). What is clear below is that we have summarized the most effective methods for getting rid of dog fleas.

Wearing Anti-Flea Spray

To get rid of dog fleas, you can use an anti-flea spray in the form of a bottle or aerosol. Efforts are made to choose an anti-flea drug that has an adulticide. So that the results are more optimal eradicate up to the eggs.

But there are things you need to pay attention to when using dog flea medication. Do not spray on sensitive parts such as the face, eyes, nose and ears. Just in case, you should spray it on the glove and then wipe it thoroughly over the dog’s body without hitting the face. Always comply with the regulations that have been written on the drug packaging.

Give Dog Flea Shampoo

Highly Efficient Method of Getting Rid of Dog Fleas

The second method to get rid of dog fleas is to bathe the dog using an anti-flea shampoo. You can buy the shampoo at the nearest pet shop. And usually dog shampoo has a pyrethrin substance (a kind of chemical) that can eradicate fleas to the roots. What are the steps?

  • First, flush your dog with warm water.
  • After that put dog shampoo on the palms that have been coated with a handkerchief.
  • After that, rub the shampoo on the dog’s hair and massage it thoroughly all over his body.
  • Allow the shampoo to stick to the body for 6-10 minutes.
  • Finally rinse with clean water. And dry using a hair dryer.

Wearing Anti-Flea Powder

Use anti-lice powder as well as a kind of spray. You can buy it at a pet store or dog gift shop. Its use is quite easy, you just need to sprinkle some powder on the palm of your hand and then rub it all over the dog’s body from head to tail. For more details, you can read the guides on the powder packaging.

Wearing Lemon

If the three methods above use chemicals. Until now we will try to use natural remedies such as lemon. You need to know that lemons have strong acids. So that if attacked by dog fleas can make him die or at least feel insecure. There are also methods of consumption are:

Serve the pot, lemon, comb and sponge.

Put water and lemon in a saucepan, then boil for 10 minutes.

If you have, allow the stew overnight and in the morning can be used directly for bathing the dog.

Note: if your dog has short hair like a pitbull, it can be brushed immediately with lemon water. But if your dog has thick hair such as a golden retriever or a Siberian husky, then you can use a sponge so that the fur is not damaged.

Wearing Vinegar and Spray

Besides being able to kill lice and nits. Vinegar can also nourish the body and dog hair. You can combine it with a spray spray or it can also be watered directly using a dipper. Make 1 liter of water enough to fill with 1 tablespoon of vinegar. After that, flush or spray thoroughly all over his body, except for the eyes, face and nose.

So, the five methods of getting rid of dog fleas are very efficient and effective. Hopefully this sharing from us is useful for all friends. Especially for Dog lovers in Indonesia. That is all and thank you.